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Our main goal remains the same as it did 60 years ago – to ensure that all our customers get the personal attention and technical assistance they require to satisfy their product requirement.

We are committed to working with our clients to develop prototypes of new and improved food products, which demonstrate the use of our vital ingredients. Our strong technical service and sales team ensures that your company can get the right product at the right price with unmatched research and development support. We will assist you in choosing the ingredients best suited to improve your products and ultimately your sales in the global food industry……… Our visions, mission and positioning are therefore defined with this aim in mind

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Our Mission

Our Mission at Vital Chemicals is to discover unique ingredients for the food industry from primary producers worldwide that enable us to create value-added products for a range of customers from small growing firms to larger multinationals.
Our particular strengths are with America, Europe, and South East Asia, China, where we have many years’ experience and we are very well established.

Food safety

The food industry, like many others, is globalizing. Supply chains have grown more and more complex and long. Vital Chemicals has therefore put the most reliable system possible in place to guarantee the quality and safety of the entire chain. The highest level of quality assurance standards and traceability are the cornerstones of our food safety programs.


In many parts of the world, changing family structures and consumption habits result in less and less time to prepare meals and to eat. Yet, there are still high expectations for taste. We therefore work with our customers to develop concepts and products that fulfill this particular combination of needs.

Consumer trends

According to our latest findings in consumer trends, our market is dominated by expectations like taste, health, convenience, indulgence and multicultural origins. Providing effective answers to these expectations is the base of our R&D and marketing efforts.


It goes without saying that food is closely related to health. The increased attention to nutrition and healthcare increased life expectancy. Our team is dedicated to provide consistent quality.

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