Improve Product Quality and Enhance Safety

Production of meat products is still based on a high degree of trust. To ensure high quality and legislation fulfillments it is very important to have access to accurate and meaningful quality parameters.Within the meat industry, the continuous analysis of fresh meat and other ingredients is necessary in order to adapt the recipes to ensure a constant batch to the batch quality of sausages, salami and various other types of meat products.

Vital ensures your meat products have the juicy taste and chewy texture consumers expect for healthier yet tasty meat products.

We have a range of products that are used widely in this industry from Binders, both wheat, and gluten free to emulsifying rapidly hydrating TVP.Using functional ingredient solutions in knowledgeable formulations can optimize yield, food safety, shelf life stability and cost reduction in newly developed products.

  • Meat replacement
  • Oil reduction solutions
  •  Binding Solutions
  • Fat replacement
  • Emulsification
  • Texture Enhancement



Over the years we have an experience in improving food quality in terms of health, taste, and hygiene which benfits the deliverbale product.


Most delicate part is keeping the balance of proportions, knowing which area of composition needs treatment and enhances efficiency.


Making the process compatible and intact, each product gets the top-notch finish for a great edible experience with authentic results.

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Our team can work to customize ingredient formulations for optimal performance. Our dairy and specialty ingredients are customized to specific end use and market needs


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